studying abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting and transformative experience, but it also comes with its unique set of challenges. As an international student, having access to the right resources can make all the difference in your academic success and overall well-being.

Academic Support

These tables provide a clear and organized way to present the online resources available for academic support to international students.

Online Libraries and Databases

List and describe major online libraries and academic databases that students can access for research and study.

Name Description Website Link
JSTOR Digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources JSTOR
Google Scholar Freely accessible web search engine that indexes scholarly articles Google Scholar
Project MUSE Access to scholarly content in the humanities and social sciences Project MUSE

MOOCs and Online Courses

Highlight platforms offering free or affordable courses that can supplement formal education.

Name Description Website Link
Coursera Online courses from top universities and companies worldwide Coursera
edX Access to free courses from universities and institutions around the globe edX
Khan Academy Free online courses, lessons, and practice for students of all ages Khan Academy

Writing and Citation Tools

Recommend tools and websites that help with writing papers and managing citations.

Name Description Website Link
Grammarly Online writing assistant to help with grammar, punctuation, and style Grammarly
Zotero Free and open-source reference management software Zotero
Mendeley Reference manager and academic social network to organize research Mendeley

Financial Aid and Scholarships

These tables provide clear and organized information on financial aid and scholarship resources available to international students.

Scholarship Search Engines

Introduce websites dedicated to finding scholarships for international students.

Name Description Website Link Comprehensive database of scholarships and grants
Fastweb Scholarship search platform with personalized matches Fastweb Database of scholarships specifically for international students

Financial Aid Platforms

Explain resources that provide information on financial aid options and application processes.

Name Description Website Link
FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid for U.S. students FAFSA
International Student Loan Information on loans for international students studying in the U.S. International Student Loan
IEFA International Education Financial Aid provides resources for scholarships and loans IEFA

Budgeting and Financial Planning Tools

Recommend tools and apps for managing finances while studying abroad.

Name Description Website Link
Mint Personal finance app to manage budgeting and expenses Mint
YNAB (You Need A Budget) Budgeting app designed to help you take control of your money YNAB
PocketGuard Budgeting app to help track spending and savings goals PocketGuard

Social Networking and Community Building

Student Forums and Networks

Online forums and social networks where international students can connect and share experiences.

Name Description Website Link
The Student Room Online community for students to discuss academics, lifestyle, and study abroad experiences The Student Room
Reddit Various subreddits dedicated to international students and studying abroad (e.g., r/studyabroad) Reddit Online resource providing forums and advice for students planning to study abroad

University Online Communities

Online communities and groups specific to their university.

Name Description Website Link
Facebook Groups Groups created by universities for incoming and current international students Facebook Groups
Discord Servers for university-specific and interest-based communities Discord
Campuslabs Platform connecting students to campus events and communities Campuslabs

Event Platforms

Recommend platforms for finding and attending local events and meetups.

Name Description Website Link
Meetup Platform for finding and creating local events and meetups Meetup
Eventbrite Platform for discovering events and activities in your area Eventbrite
Internations Network for expatriates to meet, share advice, and organize events Internations

international students

Career and Job Search

Job Boards for International Students

Recommend job search websites that cater to international students looking for part-time work or internships.

Name Description Website Link
Indeed Comprehensive job search engine that includes listings for part-time work, internships, and full-time positions Indeed
Glassdoor Job search site with company reviews, salary information, and interview insights Glassdoor Job and internship listings specifically for students looking for opportunities abroad

Career Advice and Networking

Platforms offering career advice and professional networking opportunities.

Name Description Website Link
LinkedIn Professional networking platform to connect with industry professionals and find job opportunities LinkedIn
CareerOneStop Resource providing career exploration, training, and job search tips CareerOneStop
Idealist Platform connecting people with job and volunteer opportunities in the non-profit sector Idealist

Resume and Interview Preparation

Websites and tools for resume building and interview practice.

Name Description Website Link Online resume builder with templates and tips for creating a professional resume
Big Interview Online platform offering interview practice and preparation tools Big Interview
The Balance Careers Comprehensive resource for job seekers, including resume and cover letter tips, interview guidance, and career advice The Balance Careers

Legal and Immigration Information

Visa and Immigration Resources

Links to official government websites and immigration resources.

Name Description Website Link
USCIS Official U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website USCIS
UKVI Official UK Visas and Immigration website UKVI
Study in Australia Information on student visas and immigration policies for Australia Study in Australia
CIC Immigration and citizenship information for Canada CIC
Study in New Zealand Official website for studying in New Zealand, including visa information Study in New Zealand

Legal Aid and Assistance

List organizations and websites offering legal advice and support for international students.

Name Description Website Link
NAFSA Association of International Educators providing resources and legal advice for international students NAFSA
LegalZoom Online legal solutions for various personal and professional needs LegalZoom
International Student Legal advice and resources specifically for international students International Student
Immigrant Legal Resource Center Offers educational materials and legal resources for immigrants ILRC